Sunday, March 18, 2012

Miss me, Honey?

This is just to say that I haven't forgotten you. I've been very busy figuring out ways to not be busy, and I've discovered a lovely manpanion that has kept me occupied (xanax bubble water, grapefruit juice (IT'S HEALTHY) and tequila.

But, don't worry, Honey, this Friday is my some velvet morning. I'm off to St Croix, and I plan on taking you with me. So, wax everything, and get ready to hear a bunch from me next weekend.

Champers on me, Honey.


  1. Sister, one of our spirit animals is the red-tailed hawk, (and we did come from the same womb, different mothers) And yes, the other one is Tequila.

  2. oh yes, the red tail hawk. what I was raised with and still admire.