Sunday, August 4, 2013

Down With Men/Up Your Skirt CONTEST

Ingredients for this My Time: you and your brain! Welcome to the annual My Time Sex Contest!

Oh Honey, it seems like it's longer and longer roads for me to get back to you with a post. Well, I'll make it worth your while. What's the fun of having money if I can't throw it around to the tiny little people with big heads?

THE CONTEST: whomever guesses how long it has been since your little Daggy has has sexual intercourse wins $100 gift card to Amazon. 

Now remember, I'm in the Midwestern country, so I don't have my swarthy, foreign lovers nearby. BUT, I am in the tail end of my tenure of serving on a charity committee, so I'm surrounded by very sad, drunk people, which equals mistakes such as sex any day of the week. On a broader note, one might consider that when you google "sad sex," you only get pictures upon pictures of women looking disappointed, and I am of a STATELY age where lesson upon lesson might lead one to avoid such situations.

crowns 'n' corgies: better than sex, every time.

 This is your task: guess as specifically as you possibly can how long it has been since I've had intercourse (other activities do not count), and you get the $100 gift card! Guesses must be made in the comment section here (you must make a profile that I can contact you at) or on my Facebook thread. So Honey, guess away, and maybe you can be a winner. 

How long has it been for this rich, successful, smart, regal beauty known as Dagmar?


  1. I have 15 months in my brain. It feels wrong, but maybe that means it's right.

  2. Oh, B! You're a contender! Pot your guess in the FB comment thread if you want to have a sassy conversation with other guessers!