Monday, February 13, 2012

A Public Appearance. For the Fans.

Ingredients for this My Time: public appearances, looking and sounding fabulous no matter what.

Oh Honey, sometimes you just have to appear in public no matter how you're feeling. This is the price of being in the upper echelons of society and therefore being totally kind of famous. So this week your little Daggy gave a public interview on the famous (infamous?) Vile Jelly Radio show. It was for Valentine's Day. It was for crystal talk. It was for astrology. It was for satire as a means of artistic experimentation that leads to shedding skin like a nice chemical skin peel and coming out the other side starkly sober but knowing one does not have to be. It was for a mirror, it was for the heart, and Vile Jelly Radio is about the heart. It was for the person who isn't me. Which is me. I am Dagmar Ottenham.

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